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Workshops for whole classes, available for KS1/KS2 – 45min-1hr



Smiling Mind use a variety of methods to engage and inspire the children including:

  • High energy, fun games and creative activities

  • Co-operative and team building games

  • Role plays, performances, character analysis, storytelling

  • Improvisations and drama activities

  • Trust and focus exercises

  • Self-awareness exercises

  • Positive affirmations and raps

  • Interactive high energy physical activities and movement

  • Relaxations, Visualisations and Mindfulness

Junior and Secondary Transition (YR2-3)  (Yr 6/7)


In this workshop we aim for the pupils to:

  • Develop an awareness of how we feel about this change

  • Explore the differences between infant/primary - primary/secondary

  • Think practically about how to prepare for the transition

  • Practice forming friendships and develop communication skills

  • Want to make positive choices and set a positive example

  • Develop self-confidence and a positive attitude

  • Be who they want to be

  • Value education

  • Focus in the classroom

  • Have self-respect and respect for others

  • Think about peer pressure and how to respond

  • Build resilience

  • To take things one step at a time and go for their goals

Identity and Celebrating Differences

In this workshop we aim for the pupils to:

  • Think about what identity is and what makes up their own

  • Gain a deeper understanding of self-awareness

  • Understand how the desire to fit in can influence our identity

  • Celebrate who they are and embrace individuality

  • Want to make their own choices and set a positive example

  • Be proud of their identity

  • Believe that they are special

  • Offer themselves and others kindness


Communication & Team Building

In this workshop we aim for the pupils to:

  • Understand what makes a good team member

  • Build their ability to communicate and relate effectively with others

  • Explore the importance of non-verbal communication

  • Express themselves effectively and clearly

  • Understand how to relate to others and build off other people's ideas

  • Develop the skills needed to work with others

  • Encourage self-belief in others and offer kindness

  • Understand the importance of going for goals together

  • Achieve exciting challenges together


Confidence Building 


In this workshop we aim for the pupils to:

  • Increase in confidence and self-value

  • Understand how we feel about ourselves effects our confidence

  • Explore how we treat ourselves and others

  • Treat people fairly and speak up with confidence

  • Increase potential through confidence building

  • Explore the power of positive thinking

  • Find ways of developing inner confidence

  • Whatever you’re doing, do it with confidence

  • Encourage confidence in others and offer kindness

Resilience & Positive Thinking   


In this workshop we aim for the pupils to:

  • Understand what resilience is and how positive thinking can help 

  • Gain an awareness of thought patterns and when to change them

  • Learn to recognise healthy and unhealthy thinking patterns

  • Understand how habits can be changed and created

  • Explore how goal setting can be a really helpful tool

  • Gain an understanding of how our mind set can affect our success

  • Be motivated to take steps in becoming who they want to be

  • Be inspired to keep motivated even when faced with challenges

  • Be inspired to learn and achieve


In this workshop we aim for the pupils to:

  • Develop a full understanding of what bullying is

  • Develop empathy for the victim

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what causes us to hurt others

  • Gain awareness of what’s going on under feelings of anger

  • Understand the connection between thought, emotion and behaviour

  • Practice resolving conflict effectively

  • Treat others and themselves with kindness

Bespoke Workshops

We listen to your needs. If you are looking for a creative and exciting way of getting your topic across, we are here to help you. We will listen to your thoughts and ideas and then create an engaging workshop for the children.


School assemblies for either KS1/KS2 are available. They include audience participation and are great for larger schools who cannot accommodate class workshops. 

Overall aims

Smiling Mind was set up to inspire children to live happy, healthy lives, make positive choices, develop creativity, offer more kindness, explore imagination and build confidence.

We aim to develop the overall well-being and social skills of the children. Increase a practice of mindfulness which supports increased- attention ability, emotional regulation and self-regulation.

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