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This interactive way of working provides an opportunity for schools to decide how best we can work with your staff and students for the optimum outcome. Whilst allowing us to understand the specific needs of the group or class we will be working with.

Workshop Design & Delivery


All our workshops are dynamic, energetic, fun and engaging. 


We can deliver standard one-off workshops (45 min - 1 hour per class).


We also deliver whole school assemblies (30-50 mins) that are either delivered on their own or to kick start a program of workshops.

Workshop Programs

However, in order to provide pupils with an in-depth experience of learning and developing and re-enforcing their new skills we highly recommend a program of workshops that run consecutively over a number of weeks (usually 6). We work with selected classes for one hour per week each.

We assess the particular needs / requirements of the class we are working with and design and create a program overview. Since we are all unique we adapt approach, pace, content and resources accordingly.


Since we are all unique we will adapt both approach and resources based upon the students we are working with. We can cover a variety of topics in our workshop programs. You may prefer to target a particular area the class are struggling with or select a different topic each week. We re-cap at the beginning of every workshop and build on the progress made.  All children receive a certificate at the end of a 6 week course and the teachers are provided with all the key information and exercises.



Early Intervention


Early intervention is beneficial when dealing with these issues and the positive knock on effect that these workshops have on the lives of the children involved, their families, teachers, schools and communities is very exciting.


Confidence and self-esteem exercises are fundamental to all our workshops because if students don’t value themselves, they will struggle in their relationships with others and to achieve their full potential.


There is growing evidence and research regarding the importance of teaching 'mindfulness skills’ to students. This training is increasingly recommended at an early age. Schools can choose if they would like this to be incorporated into the workshops and clubs or not.




We intend that every child that participates in the workshops benefits greatly and is able to apply the lessons and techniques we give them in a constructive way. We aim to benefit as many children as possible and give them a high quality experience that will have a lasting impact on their lives and communities.


We have received excellent feedback from the schools we have worked with and have created great working relationships, we return to many schools again and again.


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