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Welcome to Smiling Mind.

Smiling Mind was set up to inspire children to live happy, healthy lives, make positive choices, offer more kindness, develop creativity, explore imagination and build confidence. We aim to develop the overall well-being and social skills of the children. Increase a practice of mindfulness which supports increased- attention ability, emotional regulation and self-regulation. 

We offer a range of educational workshops and clubs for schools.

We also deliver summer programs.



In Education


We deliver workshops to make a positive difference in students' emotional well-being and social skills.


Working with KS1 - KS4 students, we offer:-

  • Small group workshops

  • Whole class workshops

  • School assemblies

  • School Clubs




  • Transition (YR 2/3) (Yr 6/7)​


  • Communication & Team Building


  • Confidence Building


  • Resilience and Positive Thinking


  • Identity and Celebrating Differences


  • Anti Bullying

Please take a look at our 'School Workshops' page for details. 


School Clubs - Lunch and After school


Please click on the 'School Clubs' page for further information.

We offer 2 types of clubs "The Smiling Mind Club" and "Dramatastic"





Teachers' Quotes

“Such a unique way of getting children to change their thinking from negative to positive, very inspiring.”


“Lots of key information and useful tools that both teachers and children can use”


“ I will definitely be bringing the breathing techniques into the classroom to create a more focused atmosphere" 


“ Very empowering”

"The children have become more considerate of each other and have more of a team mentality"


"The workshop was highly engaging, great fun and left us all feeling more positive and confident"


"We all loved it from begging to end! What a fun and interactive way of teaching children life skills."

"So happy we booked this, the children were still talking about it a week later"



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